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Support wise-speech & mindful listening

Foster kindness & compassion

Enhance Diversity & Inclusion WORK

Support wise-speech & mindful listening

Foster kindness & compassion

Enhance Diversity & Inclusion WORK

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It's our nature to adjust to the level of dysfunction around us—a part of our biology there to keep us safe.

When we think we can’t change the world around us we get passive, we numb out with distractions, we stop caring. We become apathetic. 

What is seemingly a negative attitude is actually our body's wisdom keeping us safe from discomfort.

But while this apathy keeps us safe, it also supports the harmful status quo.

I'm here as proof that when you're no longer afraid of discomfort and you're done playing nice, a veil is lifted. You get clarity and with that comes confidence.

I'm here to show you how to get back in touch with your body's wisdom with The Mindfulness Mindset™.

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For over 15 years,  I've applied mindfulness in all aspects of my life. In my former career in behavioral therapy, working through my own adverse childhood and life experiences and parenting MINDFULNESS is a practice that maintains my mental and emotional wellbeing.

As a mindfulness meditation facilitator, speaker, and educator trained through UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, I work with women to provide the skills to reduce the stress, anxiety, and depression that can be associated with modern living.

My mission with The Mindfulness Mindset™ is to make these practices accessible to all.

Aiko Smith

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"Aiko has both the wisdom and the calming energy to hold space. As a mindfulness facilitator she walks the walk. You can tell that she practices the tools for living that she teaches. She is a guiding light that I am so happy to have found!"

- Maura | Boulder, CO

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